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Herrang Dance Camp

I’ve been working with the team at Herrang Dance Camp over the last few months; a world renowned annual dance camp in Sweden, undertaking illustrated icon designs for their website. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and I’ve loved the experience of creating something as challenging but fun as dance illustrations, simplified down to a simple icon. It’s a pretty tough call to symbolise a dance in a single static icon but I am really pleased with the results which may also translate well for use on other promotional materials. They’ve already got some great retro branding (which I didn’t do) and logo, but I worked with their style and colours to come up with some pieces which fitted this. I hope you like them!

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 11.36.32Herrang icons



Logo and website design for the Green Shoots Project

I was approached to create a logo and website visuals for a new Brighton-based organisation, the Green Shoots Project, a new independent Community Interest Company focusing on green business development in SE England. After an initial meeting with Doly Garcia, who runs the project, I was able to develop a series of logo designs which were whittled down to a final draft which was tweaked and finalised. A strapline was added and once the branding was complete I proceeded with the website visuals, a sample of which can be seen here. Mark James from SCIP undertook the website build, which can be seen at This was a really exciting new project to work on, particularly due to the unique sustainability aims of the project, and creative scope of the brief.

Doly said:

“We were really impressed with all the work you did! In fact, I’m so impressed I’d like to ask you for some leaflets to give out at our first workshop.”

green shoots logo drafts

green shoots project final logo

Website drafts for Green Shoots 

website update in progress

hello all,

you might have noticed that some of the content on my website is rather outdated so I am currently updating it. In particular I will be adding new portfolio images in coming weeks, so watch this space. A lot of what is there at present is quite dated, so if you want more up to date samples in the meantime please get in touch!

Thank you for your patience whilst I undertake all of this… 🙂