old fashioned wedding invitations

One of my lovely clients, John Azzopardi from Horatio Jones (Bespoke Costumier) offered me a great project – creating an invitation to his wedding.

He had his heart set on a particular design he had found online (created by a very talented and original designer), and provided a pictorial sample plus the wording. I created an invite that closely followed the feel of the original but with a new design, new layout and illustration elements just for him. I really enjoyed this project as it was a chance to get truly creative with adorning and embellishing in an old fashioned style. I created some matching reply forms.

Am pleased to say the client loved it and I loved making it. It’s going to be printed on textured brown paper to add to the old fashioned feel and I can’t wait to see it in hard copy.

John Azzopardi wedding invitation brighton

reply-forms-print-ready-front reply-forms-print-ready-3


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