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website update coming soon!

Hello! I’ve been meaning to update my website for eons, but the pressures of parenting a young child pretty much single handedly whilst trying to undertake my paid work has proved crazily challenging, and it remains a task that is yet to be done despite the best of intentions!…. as such much of the work on my website is very out of date (e.g. on my illustration portfolio and my portfolio page) and is not reflective of my recent clients or work.

So please get in touch if you want up to date samples of my work and I will be happy to provide them. Come September 2017 my little one finally starts school (woop!) and I might find myself with a little more time on my hands to actually update the various sections of my website and add some of my much more recent and more interesting work…! fingers crossed!

brighton illustrations for wedding invite pack

I was asked by clients Doug and Andy to help create a very special wedding invite pack for their summer Brighton wedding, themed around seaside and fun. After consultation we agreed a style and theme of iconic Brighton scenery postcards (with the different wedding info on the reverse of each) tucked inside an outer card with an image of deckchairs.

Although it was a lot of work I am really pleased with the way the cards turned out and the clients were thrilled. I’m really enjoying doing wedding work as it’s much more creative than much of my day to day graphic design work, and exercising my illustration skills has been lots of fun – if a little full on at times, with the scale of this project!

After a lot of careful liaison with the printers and the client over the finer details, the final packs turned out beautifully and the client said: “We commissioned Lila to prepare a wedding invitation pack with a brief to come up with seven illustrations of iconic Brighton landmarks.  In addition to providing us with expert help and advice Lila produced, on time and within budget, a pack that was way beyond our initial hopes and expectations.  All through the process Lila was very easy to work with, listening to our feedback and adding her own experienced voice.  The outcome speaks for itself and we cannot recommend her highly enough”.

I hope you like them!

brighton merry go round brighton bandstand brighton pier brighton to rottingdean cliff walk brighton wheel brighton pavilion Outside card  2

Programme Cover designs – Glyndebourne concert

I have been asked to create a simple cover for the programme of an event at Glyndebourne, put on by Friends of Sussex Hospices – a concert with The Sixteen / Harry Christophers. The client wanted something simple, elegant and Christmassy so I decided on a snowflake / star hybrid design on a midnight blue background in a variety of styles so the client could have a choice of options (I like to include a few options when presenting a project).

It’s been quite nice to work on as it’s been a bit more creative than some of the work I get asked to do. Here are a few of the designs the client is currently choosing from.

FOSH programme cover designs4 FOSH programme cover designs5 FOSH programme cover designs6 FOSH programme cover designs

International Cool Climate Wine Symposium

Banner design for ICCWS 2016After undertaking the branding for the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (set for 2016), I’ve been pleased to do some more work for them, undertaking the design for its Patrons’ Circle – an exclusive members’ club for supporters.

It’s looking pretty swishy with some nice branding to emphasise the Circle’s exclusivity and I think the designs have a clean, classic aesthetic and an air of elegance.

Here I have included images of a pop-up banner stand, the cover to the Patrons’ Circle flyer, and a couple of the draft logo ideas I put together (based on the original ICCWS logo I did). We pondered a gold colour logo but opted for the goldy-green shades, a few shades different to the original logo.

Programme Cover design for ICCWS patron's circle

Logo design development ideas

Logo design ideas for Patrons' Circle ICCWS


poster for Mind’s world mental health day

Just done quite a sunny and fun design for Mind (Brighton & Hove) for the World Mental Health Day in October.

It’s quite uplifting and sunshiney and as well as adding some custom illustration elements, it ties in some of the their official branding pieces (the squiggly line drawings) which fit in quite nicely with the design.


Mind - World Mental Health Day poster

old fashioned wedding invitations

One of my lovely clients, John Azzopardi from Horatio Jones (Bespoke Costumier) offered me a great project – creating an invitation to his wedding.

He had his heart set on a particular design he had found online (created by a very talented and original designer), and provided a pictorial sample plus the wording. I created an invite that closely followed the feel of the original but with a new design, new layout and illustration elements just for him. I really enjoyed this project as it was a chance to get truly creative with adorning and embellishing in an old fashioned style. I created some matching reply forms.

Am pleased to say the client loved it and I loved making it. It’s going to be printed on textured brown paper to add to the old fashioned feel and I can’t wait to see it in hard copy.

John Azzopardi wedding invitation brighton

reply-forms-print-ready-front reply-forms-print-ready-3


Herrang Dance Camp

I’ve been working with the team at Herrang Dance Camp over the last few months; a world renowned annual dance camp in Sweden, undertaking illustrated icon designs for their website. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and I’ve loved the experience of creating something as challenging but fun as dance illustrations, simplified down to a simple icon. It’s a pretty tough call to symbolise a dance in a single static icon but I am really pleased with the results which may also translate well for use on other promotional materials. They’ve already got some great retro branding (which I didn’t do) and logo, but I worked with their style and colours to come up with some pieces which fitted this. I hope you like them!

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 11.36.32Herrang icons



Logo and website design for the Green Shoots Project

I was approached to create a logo and website visuals for a new Brighton-based organisation, the Green Shoots Project, a new independent Community Interest Company focusing on green business development in SE England. After an initial meeting with Doly Garcia, who runs the project, I was able to develop a series of logo designs which were whittled down to a final draft which was tweaked and finalised. A strapline was added and once the branding was complete I proceeded with the website visuals, a sample of which can be seen here. Mark James from SCIP undertook the website build, which can be seen at This was a really exciting new project to work on, particularly due to the unique sustainability aims of the project, and creative scope of the brief.

Doly said:

“We were really impressed with all the work you did! In fact, I’m so impressed I’d like to ask you for some leaflets to give out at our first workshop.”

green shoots logo drafts

green shoots project final logo

Website drafts for Green Shoots 

website update in progress

hello all,

you might have noticed that some of the content on my website is rather outdated so I am currently updating it. In particular I will be adding new portfolio images in coming weeks, so watch this space. A lot of what is there at present is quite dated, so if you want more up to date samples in the meantime please get in touch!

Thank you for your patience whilst I undertake all of this… 🙂