client terms and information

Client information and terms

Mission statement: I will do my best to provide you with high quality work that you are completely happy with and perfectly fits your brand and vision whilst filling, or exceeding, the terms of the brief and achieves the intended outcomes.

Briefs: It is important you are as clear as possible when setting briefs to ensure I can clearly understand in order to give an accurate quote. I will try to guide you to ensure I have all the information I need and I will aim to keep you fully informed where a brief looks to be expanding from its original course following commencement.

Deadlines and budgets: I will do my best to provide work on time and on budget, however due to workload or family commitments, occasionally projects may be turned around later than planned. If this is the case I will try to let you know in advance but would really appreciate your flexibility bearing this in mind. I will do my best to provide high quality work at a fair price, and if timed, within a fair timescale to keep within your budget. In the rare circumstance that a project is turned around later than anticipated, unfortunately I cannot accept liability.

For budgeted work, I will try to make clear within the quote what is included –  anything outside of this may have to be charged additionally. If the project scope expands from what is initially envisioned I will endeavour to advise you in advance so budgetary agreement can be reached.

Minimum timings: All projects have a minimum timing charge of 15 minutes, to help account for logging, billing time taken etc. This is only applicable to new projects that are yet to be invoiced for. Amends to pre-existing unbilled projects do not have a minimum timing charge, however if a project has been signed off and invoiced, additional amends after this stage will be subject to a 15 minute charge. 

Meetings: I meet new clients in person, free of charge, for a first project meeting, if deemed appropriate to the project scope and budget. If a meeting is requested for a smaller budget project, a charge may have to be made according to travel costs plus travel time plus meeting time, agreed in advance. Where more than one meeting is required throughout the scope of a project, this can either be factored into the budget at the quote stage (clients should request if they think further meetings will be required), or quoted and charged for at the time of each meeting.

Amendments: are charged hourly for timed projects, but for budgeted projects I will set an amount allowable within the quote terms. Further amendments are charged at an hourly agreed rate.

Written copy: if clients are able to edit and correct their written copy as much as possible in advance of the design stage it would be very much appreciated, and will help to keep the project within budget. I am happy to assist with corrections, but post-design stage making lots of changes to copy can be time consuming. I fully understand you may want to make some amendments after the design has been drafted. Please let me know if you want some help with editing and proofing your copy as I may be able to assist with this.

Proofing, printing and signing off materials: Please note it is the client’s responsibility to fully proof any materials (either printed or electronic) prior to approval for printing or electronic circulation and the designer cannot accept any liability for errors missed. It is also the client’s responsibility to ensure all printing instructions and artworks sent to the printers are accurate. I work with a number of trusted local printers and will endeavour to obtain preferential quotes for you – if you are interested, please shout.

Working hours: I work to a flexible schedule which may or may not include weekends and evenings, and sometimes take days off during the week to fulfil family commitments. I may sometimes work outside of normal office hours however I may not necessarily respond to emails outside of office hours and would prefer to take phonecalls during office hours (unless by prior arrangement). I may occasionally change my working hours at short notice; if that affects a project I will always attempt to let clients know in advance. I will endeavour to be flexible and understanding if a client is unable to provide required information on time.

Short notice: I will try my best to undertake projects sent with short notice if I have time, but it may not always be possible depending on my commitments. If I really do not have the time but the project is extra urgent I may consider taking it on for a short-notice fee agreed in advance, although if I am available will endeavour to do it at the normal rate.

Technical issues: If, after starting a project, part of it falls out of my scope of knowledge and may take longer than planned I will let you know. I generally problem-solve quickly, but if I have to make additional charges I will let you know in advance. Therefore, it is important clients clarify expectations and the technical brief clearly in advance of commencement to ensure all bases are covered at the quote stage.

Please bear in mind…..Design work may look like it was easy when viewing the end result, but the time taken can vary and depending on the content, it occasionally takes longer than anticipated to get a perfect result. I will always try to maintain transparency and fairness around  time taken and the cost of a project. Please do ask if you have any questions around time taken.

Acceptance of quotes and payment liability – once a quote has been accepted by the client they are liable to pay full costs within the timescales agreed.

Provision of source files – source files (such as InDesign or Photoshop files) remain the property of the designer unless confirmed by prior written agreement. I’ll provide you with the final artwork you require (such as print ready PDF, AI files for logos, jpgs etc) within the agreed project price, but source files like InDesign or PSD files are not automatically provided unless otherwise agreed. I will endeavour to keep source files safe should they be required again in future, but I do not guarantee to keep them indefinitely and whilst I will endeavour to fulfil source file provision requests, cannot guarantee this, in case of occasional file corruption, or data loss. If I am able to provide them, they will not be provided until all outstanding invoices have been settled. There is an agreed fee payable for release of source files to cover time spent, and is a minimum charge of £30 per file or more, equating to 15% of the original design fee (up to a maximum of £150). This fee is payable in advance of file transfer and designs may not be used elsewhere and will not be released until this fee has been paid.

Copyright As soon as invoice payment has been received, the artwork copyright becomes property of the client unless otherwise specified (notwithstanding individual images or illustrations used within, which may have special reproduction or copyright limitations) – the exception to this is a rebrand that is not specifically paid for as a rebrand (in which case the designer retains copyright ownership) – request to use the rebranded design ongoing outside of the original project may be subject to an additional fee unless otherwise indicated at design stage. Certain projects (such as bespoke illustrations) may have copyright ownership limitations and reproduction limitations agreed in advance, depending on the content. Source files remain property of the designer (Indesign or Photoshop files) unless otherwise agreed in advance. Design elements must not be used in another context other than within the original intended purpose or document, unless full permission has been given by the designer and / or appropriate collaborator/s. Logo copyright becomes the sole property of the client once payment has been received, and can be freely reproduced by the client.

Images – should a client provide me with images (photos or illustrations) for use within artwork or a website, they must ensure they have full permission to reproduce these (and that they provide full details of attributions required and ensure this is applied prior to finished artwork circulation). I cannot accept liability whereby images have been provided for which copyright permission has not been obtained or attributed correctly. Images provided by myself will be properly sourced and attributed where appropriate. I can give guidance around image reproduction if you need it.

Invoices – must be paid in full within the timescales indicated. For invoices paid after 30 days of the due date, a late payment fee of £40 is applicable. After 30 days have passed after the original due date, I may also add on interest if the balance of the invoice is over £100 according to the bank of England interest rates. A further late payment fee of £40 is applicable for each additional 30 days late the invoices remains unpaid thereafter. This is to cover the the administrative time taken to chase and process late payments and protect from such cases arising. Therefore, I would very much appreciate prompt payment – many thanks.

Use of designs in portfolio or for promotional purposes – all work is carried out with the full agreement that it can be used and reproduced for promotional purposes on my website, social media or other promotional platforms to promote my design services. It will not be used or reproduced for other purposes. 

Web design and hosting terms and conditions – all website work is subject to full acceptance of the separate terms and conditions for web design and hosting sent to the client with the invoice (or at the start of a project). If for any reason you are not sent these, please ask and I will send you a copy pronto.

Finally – I (hope) I enjoy great working relationships with my clients and want to ensure we are both getting results we are truly happy with, creatively, personally and professionally. If you have any suggestions for ways I can help you, please let me know…I want you to be happy! I also love discussing new ideas and ways of working to help you move forward so shout if you’ve thought of something exciting we can discuss… and thank you for working with me!