July 2017

website update coming soon!

Hello! I've been meaning to update my website for eons, but the pressures of parenting a young child pretty much single handedly whilst trying to undertake my paid work has proved crazily challenging, and it [...]

December 2015

brighton illustrations for wedding invite pack

I was asked by clients Doug and Andy to help create a very special wedding invite pack for their summer Brighton wedding, themed around seaside and fun. After consultation we agreed a style and theme [...]

October 2014

Programme Cover designs – Glyndebourne concert

I have been asked to create a simple cover for the programme of an event at Glyndebourne, put on by Friends of Sussex Hospices - a concert with The Sixteen / Harry Christophers. The client [...]

July 2014

International Cool Climate Wine Symposium

After undertaking the branding for the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (set for 2016), I've been pleased to do some more work for them, undertaking the design for its Patrons' Circle - an exclusive members' club [...]

poster for Mind’s world mental health day

Just done quite a sunny and fun design for Mind (Brighton & Hove) for the World Mental Health Day in October. It's quite uplifting and sunshiney and as well as adding some custom illustration elements, [...]

old fashioned wedding invitations

One of my lovely clients, John Azzopardi from Horatio Jones (Bespoke Costumier) offered me a great project - creating an invitation to his wedding. He had his heart set on a particular design he had found online [...]