Aquarius themed artwork – zodiacal symbol design

Aquarius glyph symbol artwork in blue and white

Hi again! I’m going to try to keep my blog more up to date with new work as I do it. Today I bring to you another zodiacal illustration! This time based on the astrological symbol of Aquarius, ♒, combined with the mythological symbolism relating to the sign.

A Saturn ruled sign, Aquarius is a fixed air sign. The myth of Ganymede is one of the main legends related to Aquarius…. Ganymede was a handsome young prince, living on Earth. Zeus (Jupiter) saw his beauty and desired him to be his cup bearer, so disguised himself as an eagle and swooped down to Earth to take him up to the heavens. Whilst among the gods, Ganymede saw that the people of Earth desperately needed water and so sent down water from the heavens, with Zeus’s permission. Ganymede was immortalised as the water bearer Aquarius and placed amongst the stars…. (what a beautiful myth!).

Although the legend relates to the pouring of water and heavenly rain (and knowlegd) down on earth, Aquarius is an air sign. The two wavy lines are related to humanity (below) and divinity (above) and the flow of information between the two – and also relate to humanity’s divine nature.

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, associated with the dissemination of divine knowledge, communities, radical social progress, individualism and divine inspiration. I have tried to reflect these themes and the mythological symbolism into my piece!

I personally have two planets in the sign of Aquarius – the moon and mars, so I drew on my personal knowledge and insight into the sign to help inform and inspire me whilst I drew this artwork.

I hope you like it! Thanks for reading! :)

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