New – capricorn zodiac artwork!

capricorn print by lila hunnisett

Hi everyone – continuing my zodiac themed illustrations I’m happy to present my Capricorn design. I am pleased to add it to my shop as a print – if you need a different size to that indicated, please let me know as I may be able to resize for you!

I’ve used the typographic icon / symbol for Capricorn (♑︎) and created it into an illustrated landscape of sorts, just working with the symbolism of the sign.

For those who didn’t know, the sign’s mythological symbol is the sea goat, which is half goat, half fish! Although it is an earth sign it does have this unusual connection to the sea. Hence the fish tail and waves. I’ve also included other related symbolism such as the mountains, goats and all the seasonal symbolism. It being a cold time of year I’ve included lots of snow, frost and frozen ground! But as it’s just after the winter solstice (the darkest point of the year) there’s also the promise of spring not far off – so I have included the humble snowdrop in here… have you seen any snowdrops yet?

As the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn (who also rules Aquarius, in traditional astrology); one of Saturn’s main colour associations is dark blue hence the navy background – I have also used a little green to symbolise the earth element. The blues also relay the sea goat connection as well as the icy landscape and mountains (rock and stone being very Capricornian!). And white of course, for the snow and ice so prevalent in the middle of winter.

So whilst it’s a difficult and cold time of year, we should celebrate the beauty of winter, and of course, we have some of our main festivities at this time of year (Xmas, new year!), as well as the animals and plants having a time to rest and hibernate – so it’s not all just freezing cold! It’s also a time of rest in preparation to come back to life again in spring time.

I wish you a wonderful rest of Capricorn season! :)

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