The evolution of an illustration – aquarius glyph artwork

Aquarius Zodiac Print by Lila Hunnisett

I thought it might be interesting to display my aquarius glyph artwork through the evolution of the piece as it was worked on, in a number of images.

I start off very rough, often without an idea of how the end product will look (I have never been great at mocking up a draft – I tend to be a more intuitive artist!

Below are a sequence of pictures to show how the aquarius design came together, from early ideas through to the end. You will see there are a lot of stages and changes that happen through the design process. The final image is shown at the top of this post.

The design was created in Adobe illustrator, using custom brushes and a Wacom Cintiq Pro. I love my Wacom because it is so different to working on the older style intuos. You can draw directly on the screen which means accuracy and natural drawing style is so much easier (something I never really mastered with my old Intuos!).

Where used, the custom brushes are created as pattern brushes, basically repeating shapes that I drew and turned into repeating patterns so they can be aligned onto “strokes” (brush strokes or pen strokes) in adobe illustrator.

The whole thing came together over 2-3 days and although I wasn’t working solidly during that time, it was a time intensive piece.

I hope you like the finished result, which you can see in my shop for sale as a print.

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