The moon tarot card art print and design process

Hello! I wanted to post a little information about the moon tarot card I designed, which I have recently made available in my shop for sale as a print.

Being a lover of the tarot for eons, I have always wanted to create my own deck. I was drawn to creating a depiction of the moon because I also have a real affinity for our beautiful lunar satellite and everything it stands for.

It started with a linocut…

I didn’t actually intend this to be a tarot card from the start – the design’s humble beginnings were formed in a lino printing experiment; a skill I’ve recently been investigating. I cut the basic design as a small A6 size cut, and printed up in black and white.

The print was then scanned and further manipulated in Adobe Illustrator using a Wacom Cintiq tablet to finalise. I experimented with a greetings card but soon realised it would make a fab addition to my first tarot card design of the sun, as the second in my deck.

The moon card in tarot

In tarot the moon is associated with illusion, deception, things that are not quite as they seem. As the moon is a reflected light (reflecting the light of the sun, which is seen as the “true” light), it’s about seeing things in a distorted way, anxiety, uncertainty. However, it is also associated with metamorphosis, manifestation, the cycles of life – the bringing in and fading out of situations and things (like the waxing / waning cycle of the moon), as well as romance, duality, rest and restoration.

I wanted to relay the ethereal nature of our beautiful satellite as well as the moon’s many mystical properties. Although not all the messages of the tarot are pleasant, I do believe there is beauty in everything, and this is one of my main reasons for creating the aesthetically themed Sparkling Sun tarot deck, where my Moon card design will take pride of place :) 

Stay posted for updates on the Sparkling Sun tarot deck!

The full deck is very much in its formative stages at the moment but I will keep adding and hopefully be able to fund full production via Kickstarter in time. Please sign up to my newsletter below to stay up to date on this and get details of offers and new work as I post it. I’d love to keep you posted…. there will also be giveaways and competitions and those on the mailing list will be notified first about these! :)

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