The Sparking Sun Tarot Deck

The Sparkling Sun tarot deck Sun card

I’ve finally decided a name for my tarot deck – the Sparkling Sun Tarot! It’s in very early phases but I hope to post more images as I do them on this page.

The reason I chose this name is because the very first design I created was the Sun card, pictured above. For some reason I have always been drawn to drawing and painting the sun. It is both beautiful and life affirming. Astrologically, I am a Leo rising, which means my chart ruler is the Sun, which may be why I am so entranced by our beautiful star!

So far I have only created the Sun card and the Moon card, but in due course I will be creating more card designs, prints and images. I have had an overwhelming response to the designs I have done so far, which I posted on Reddit as well as my Instagram. I am fairly new to self promotion (which doesn’t come naturally to me despite my Leo rising ascendant sign!) of this kind so am taking it slow and steady. I would be delighted if people could promote the designs and would be happy to allow reposts or use on blogs with a credit (please contact me for more info!).

I have made the Sun card available as a print in my shop, as well as the Moon card.

The premise for the deck is going to be an uplifting take on the tarot, aiming to share my love of colour, pattern and also to bring joy into people’s lives whilst tapping into the energy of the tarot cards. I know that not all the messages of the tarot are necessarily “good”, but there is always a positive lesson in every card and life challenge, no matter how difficult. I believe we should always look on the bright side and stay inspired. I hope to stay true to these lessons in my deck.

I will be posting my Instagram tarot account here soon, so anyone interested can follow it. I hope to create a Kickstarter campaign to fund production when I am further down the line in terms of creation. Please subscribe to my mailing list to be kept up to date with the progress on this front.

And please follow me on my instagram in the meantime for progress on my deck.

Thank you and I look forwards to sharing the evolution of the Sparkling Sun Tarot Deck with you in due course!

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