a four leaf clover good luck card design

In the last few months (since Covid lockdowns!) I decided to take up lino cutting so I could be more hands on with my work. As a mostly digital designer looking to get back to real art, lino has offered me an excellent chance to do this.

After my initial experiments with a cheap Amazon starter kit, I decided to take the plunge and order some proper wooden Swiss-made Pfeil cutting tools – not cheap at up to £20 per tool – but will last you a lifetime if you look after them, as superior quality tools with extra sharp blades… and I could not wait to get started!

Lino cutting a four leaf clover

One of the first real lino cut designs I created was a four leaf clover. I have always loved four leafers, and hunting them is a favourite past time. I found a special four leaf clover patch in Brighton, which seems to offer an abundance whenever I return!

Not only lucky but also beautiful and a classic native British plant, Trifolium repens makes for a lovely lino cut design and so using one of my finds for inspiration, my design was born and printed up in gold ink on special white paper :)

Four leaf clover lino cut

Digitally editing the lino print

After scanning my print, I digitally edited it to add pattern, writing and recoloured to make the finished design (shown at the top of this page), which will be going into production soon as a greetings card.

Using lucky four leaf clovers in Feng Shui

I strongly believe in the lucky power of the four leaf clover. As an amateur feng shui practitioner I use objects like clovers, or pictures of lucky objects in my home whenever I need a “luck boost”.

Placing such objects in the relevant life area (or bagua, as it’s known in feng shui) of my home helps bring positive change (at least I believe this!). And to all the skeptics, if nothing else, it gives me a mental boost!

I hope that when printed up as a proper card, my design (will post here when available to purchase in my shop!) will allow others to bring the luck of the four leaf clover into their home and lives! So stay tuned…

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