A happy leo lion design!

A happy leo sun zodiac print design

For today’s post I’m continuing the astrological art theme with a print of a happy leo lion print design in orange and yellow! It does have a bit of a cheesy slogan, but… that’s ok! :)

Sunny Leo Zodiac Lions

I’m a leo rising/ascendant so I LOVE all things leo – lions, creativity and the sun! So combining these together in one design seemed like a fun idea! I know this piece is a bit “light and fluffy” but I’m enjoying the freedom of not being tethered to client briefs and exploring my creativity in whichever way it shows up! And for now, I’m happy to bring people joy through a love of astrology in these cutesy art pix (and I am not ashamed of this!!). :)

In terms of selling it, I’m pondering birthday cards, cups, mugs, tshirts, calendars etc. I’ll add links to purchase in here when I expand further on my design series….

I seem to have gotten a bit carried away with making astrology related art –my zodiac prints and pisces design from yesterday have inspired me to keep going, and develop at least some series of prints whilst I continue on my mission to discover my artistic destination.

Despite the cutesy nature of this design I am actually quite seriously interested in real astrology! But also love to attempt to bring joy into people’s lives through the use of bold colour, joyous subjects and pattern. I hope you enjoy it! :)

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Cute Leo Sun Lion Zodiac Art Print by Lila Hunnisett
Cute Leo Sun Lion Zodiac Art Print by Lila Hunnisett

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