Daily sketches – head of a woman

In service of my bid to blog daily, as well as sketch daily – today I bring you a “head of a woman”, created in brush pen and ink on hammered white card.

I love the freedom of using a refillable brush pen and ink. I’ve been using a pentel brush pen like this, and am looking to upgrade as although I love it not needing refilling, I do feel that the brush part itself could be a bit higher quality. If anyone has any recommendations for other brush pens I would love to receive them!

I know that this design is not necessarily “trendy” or “pretty”, but I have always loved portraiture as a means to explore the myriad of different characters of life. I love exploring characters through linework. 

Creating a character from a single ink pen line

I didn’t start off with any particular person in mind – as with all these sketches I start with a single line to form the nose, eyes or similar and then adapt the initial linework to make a character from my doodling.

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