In praise of making collages

Nature collage foliage retro gold

Hi everyone! I made this collage a year or two ago but thought I would dig it out for a post because I still love it and I love the process of collaging (is that a word?!). Old magazines, coloured papers or cut up books can instantly give your work amazing texture and beautiful colour in a lot less time than painting or colouring using pens / pencils. That said, making a beautiful collage is not necessarily a speedy process and depends on how intricate you want to go.

I initially decided to revisit collage because most of my work was done on computers! I wanted something that got me back to basics, using my hands again, and humble scissors and glue. It’s easy to be hands on when you’ve got a few magazines and cutting implements with you. Working with your hands is completely different to working on a screen. You can stay up close and personal with your work, touching it and making it real instantly. On a screen you have to wait to print it off to get properly close to it, the screen is a visible wall between you and the work. Needless to say, true artists should work in a hands on format whenever they can! Somehow it is a meditative process.

Another thing I love about collage is the organic process of creation. I never know where a piece will go when I start it. I don’t plan a piece – I simply choose some lovely colours and textures from favourite free magazines (Waitrose’s free option is great because it’s full of beautiful colours and textures! I grab a couple when I am in there, ready for collaging). Then get to work with scissors cutting shapes as I feel are appropriate. And I also love using gold paper as highlights. Gives the most wonderful luxurious feel to the piece, if that’s what I am looking to achieve. The pieces are roughly arranged then added, taken away and stuck down with a trusty old pritt stick!

Anyway I hope you like the collage! In due course, when time is available, I hope to post more collages on here and in my shop.… Thanks for reading! :)

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