Sketch of the day – ‘all day just shine bright’

All Day Just Shine Bright Postcard

A quick daily brush pen and ink drawing, made in service of my daily sketching habit, now available in my shop!

This is an “oracle card’ design and may form part of a future oracle deck I’m pondering. It’s been scanned and is in my pile of “check back in later!”.

As I mentioned in other posts, I love the sun and have a real affinity for drawing it (I am a leo rising after all!).

I offer my sketches as one off cards and postcards in my “one off card shop”. The purpose is to keep the studio free of too much paper (which can easily build when you’re an artist) and to offer a fair priced original art option to my customers.

Anyway, I hope you’ll shine bright all day! I am certainly going to try! :)

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