The Ace of Pentacles – A Tarot Lino Cut & Print

The Ace of Pentacles Lino Print design

Today, I thought I would post my Ace of Pentacles lino cut print. I first posted this on my Instagram on 1st January, as a good card to start the new year! However, as today is the first day after Chinese New Year, I figured it’s also a good day to add it to my blog!

The Ace of Pentacles – a new material beginning

The Ace of Pentacles, like all aces in tarot, is about beginnings, the positive seed of a new endeavour. And as the first of the pentacles suit, represents the seed of the earth element – finances, the body, posessions, and anything material. The start of the Chinese new year is a fantastic time to plant this seed!

This design is a stylistic departure from some of my other work, but represents my desire to be more hands on with my artwork as well as explore my love of the archetypes of the tarot. Lino has offered me a great chance to explore this.

I have used the symbolism of flower buds around the central coin – to represent the “starting” energy and the earthly, material potential contained within the Ace of Pentacles. The beauty of a new situation, held within, yet to unfold but filled with promise.

The use of the Ace of Pentacles magic

As I mentioned in other posts, I love Feng Shui and combine the use of inspirational symbols and images in my home with the principles of this ancient practice. A couple of months ago, I put my Ace of Pentacles print in my wealth corner bagua (the area of my home corresponding with wealth), and ever since many new financial ventures have begun! This website redesign, getting my shop online – as well as other potential new business partnerships and client projects that are just taking seed.

Why not give it a try if you’re feeling stuck and fancy a new beginning?

I still need to print up a load of this design but as soon as I do I will post in my shop.

Many thanks for reading!

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