The Ace of Wands – a new tarot card linoprint design

The Ace of Wands - A Tarot Card Linocut

Happy Wednesday! As part of my mission to post a piece of art or blog post daily, here’s the latest! It’s a design of one of my favourites from the tarot – the Ace of Wands.

I created this in linocut, a small design (around A6). I’m yet undecided if it will form a part of my Sparkling Sun tarot deck, currently in design phase. I’m considering recolouring and seeing if it fits with the other cards. 

The Ace of Wands card in tarot

The Ace of Wands, as with all aces, is an initiatory seed, a pure new form of divine energy. The wands suit is associated with the element of fire and relates to the energetic potential of a situation, of one’s will to commence a new project or mission.

The ace is just a seed, and the potential is not yet solidified into real matter or something more substantial. Aces represent a great deal of initial movement, but that alone is not enough to get things going properly. And so, effort must also be applied as well as using the ace of wands’ symbolic willpower.

Using tarot card art in Feng Shui

I love the art of Feng Shui (the placement of objects or images within the home or work environment to create a positive energetic flow) and often use tarot cards within my home to reflect the energy I want my life to generate. I’ve been using a few aces around my home recently – and they have been a great help in terms of giving me enough impetus to begin on lots of new paths!

This practice has also helped me to reflect on the kind of energy the Aces represent. In the case of the Ace of Wands I have found it very powerful – to the point whereby I have had to remove it so things could chill out again! (For some reason lots of arguments seemed to occur – I had this card up in my “fame and reputation” bagua corner which is also linked to the element of fire). Strong energy indeed! I will reserve it for those rare times I need a creative boost. I would suggest that if you’re thinking of using this technique, use the Ace of Wands with care! :)

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