A happy and adventurous Aries picture

Aries Ram Illustration Zodiac Picture

Hello! My regular blogging habit has fallen by the wayside for some time but thought I’d update with this happy Aries picture I did. I’m creating a series of all the zodiac signs in this style.

A Cute Aries Zodiac Illustration

Aries is a cardinal sign, which the sun transits from late March to late April, at the very start of spring! And archetypally it is linked to the qualities of early spring – it has an initiatory energy, a lot of get-go and a youthful outlook. It is a brave and adventurous sign and its symbol is the ram.

Hopefully I have summed up the qualities here in my picture! I’m aiming to make a complete set of “cute” zodiac pictures and this will eventually be made into prints, cards and maybe a calendar! So watch this space….

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