A Taurus Zodiac bull illustration

A cute Taurus Zodiac Sign bull picture illustration

This design is for all the lovely Taureans out there! Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a fixed earth sign, falling in the middle of spring (in the northern hemisphere at least!). Its symbol is the bull, hence the inclusion of this lovely animal!

A cute taurus bull in springtime

During springtime there is a flurry of earth activity – planting seeds, growing and all the hard work that goes into sewing seeds and preparing the earth for growing crops during the abundant summer months. The bull is therefore a very appropriate symbol for this sign, with his earthy, hard working nature and patient, persistent strength. And as Taurus is a fixed sign, falling in the middle of spring, there is a more solid nature about the sign’s qualities, compared to the active, initiatory qualities of the cardinal signs (which fall at the beginning of each season) and the changeable qualities of the mutable signs (which fall at the end of each season as we change into the next one).

The cute Zodiac illustration series

I’m still working hard on my series and trying to complete the whole zodiac! I’m enjoying the challenge of creating “cute” zodiac illustrations that try to honour the symbolic nature of each sign – although as there are twelve signs it’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated…!

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