a new bright & happy tarot deck and kickstarter project!

Hi everyone! It’s been absolutely ages since I posted – life happens! But I am very excited to post my first cards for my new kickstarter project. I’ve been designing away and wanted to finally commit to a style for a tarot deck (having also pondered other decks like a lino-print version and my Sparkling Sun tarot deck (currently on hiatus!). So I have created the first few cards of my new (as yet unnamed) deck! The Ace of Cups and the Ace of Wands seemed like good starter cards to kick the design process off.

Designing the Ace of Cups and the Ace of Wands

The Ace of Cups I’ve had hanging around in my mind for years as a loose design and it has finally taken form! I absolutely love bright colours and retro vibes which I have tried to get across here! The Ace of Wands was carried on in a similar style. What was very important here was to try to convey the beauty and energy of each card’s meaning. The Ace of Wands is a dynamic card, all about a new energetic beginning! I hope this shows! The Ace of Cups is about a seed containing the potential of an abundance of love and nurturing – an overflowing cup filled with emotional potential. Both designs were created digitally with rough hand sketches done beforehand on paper.

A happy and bold colour scheme

I decided to use pink, blue and yellow and overlay them to create differences of shades using transparency effects. I am an absolute sucker for bright and bold colours, and especially hot pink! Its about time someone designed an unashamedly colourful and cutesy deck! I am a huge fan of cute and happy work; it’s my aim to create something super uplifting (not sure how this will work with the darker cards just yet!!).

Deck name needed!

I am so excited to get my deck underway (finally) but I am looking for a name – suggestions very welcome and if I decide to use your name I will provide you with a copy of the deck as a thank you (as and when it is complete – which could be some time away!).

EDIT: as of November 2021 I have chosen the name of my deck – the Cosmic Sunbeam Tarot deck!

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