10 reasons to download the FREE mini printable tarot deck

If you haven’t already got your free miniature printable Share the Magic tarot deck, you can do so by subscribing below or here:
And if you’re not sure why you should grab a copy of this little deck I’ve outlined my top 10 reasons below…

1. This tarot deck is completely FREE!

Probably the main, and best, reason to grab a copy is the most obvious one – it costs ZERO money. There aren’t many decks you can say that about! Tarot decks tend to be expensive, and for some people, prohibitively so, meaning they miss out on the joy of tarot and all the benefits of using it. Download this deck = problem solved! Ok, you do have to print a copy (which may require printing consumables), but full instructions and guidance about what kind of paper to use, how to set up your printer and even cutting tips are included! And for people who don’t have a printer, or access to one, I do sell the pre-printed sheets (for self assembly) at a relatively low cost, which can be shipped direct to your door. Easy!

2. A mini tarot deck that fits in your pocket!

At just 2 x 3 inches, this deck is small and light enough to fit in your pocket or purse and can be carried around for those urgent times when a quick tarot reading is required – on the hoof. You could do little readings on the train, in the coffee shop or at a mate’s house with no hassle! Bonus.

3. Cards damaged? No problem!

Ok: I’d like to encourage you all to take good care of your cards, but if one got accidentally lost, wet or damaged, you could print another easily. With decks I keep at home, occasionally a card might get a little bend, rip, or worse, which is highly frustrating. Without buying a whole new deck, I can’t easily replace single cards. Once you’ve download your pack you can print another card or even full set (for personal use) to replace any damages, pronto!

4. The major arcana is a complete tarot system

At the time of writing this post (Nov 2022), I’ve not yet designed a minor arcana for this little deck (it may come in future – watch this space!). I wanted to provide something free – and creating a 22 card major arcana deck was a way of doing so, within my available time. Many tarot readers use only Major Arcana cards for their readings, and with good reason! It is a complete divination system, in and of itself. Why overcomplicate things? And for beginners, starting out by becoming fully acquainted with the major arcana is an excellent way to help you learn the ins and outs of the cards.

5. The deck has its own cute “deckvelope” box, just like a “real” tarot deck

I thought really hard about all the best things purchased decks have – I really wanted to create something as close to a regular one as possible. I realised  creating a special branded case would be great for this, both to keep them safe – and look pretty! Plus, I wanted this free deck to be a bit special. So I designed an illustrated envelope that can be printed, cut out and glued together, which functions exactly like a real deck box. I decided “deckvelope” was a fitting name, and a template has been provided in different colour and size options – to fit different thicknesses of tarot cards.

6. It makes a great free gift for a tarot loving friend!

If you need a quick free gift for a friend, but are short on cash, or want something a bit different and fun, this could be the perfect solution! What tarot fan wouldn’t love to receive a mini deck, lovingly assembled by a good friend? I produced the deck for personal use only, and the pack or cards may not be sold, circulated or reproduced (thanks for your understanding here), but in keeping with the “sharing” theme I am more than happy for the downloader to print one copy for a friend. Happy days :)

7. Assembling your own deck makes the end result more special

Ok, so you do have to do a little work to get your free mini tarot deck ready – printing, cutting out the cards, and assembling the box using your “deckvelope” of choice, but once you do it will feel that bit more special – and it makes a sweet little pack you will love. You’ll have used your hands to create it: that gives it a more personal nature than a bought deck – and so much more special. I promise it is worth it! Plus, the deck is a novelty in and of itself vs regular decks, and you’ll enjoy having something different, crafty and fun in your collection.

8. You’ll get lots of added extras in your pack too!

If you’ve already downloaded your pack, you’ll notice all the extras (alongside the deckvelope and cards) I included:
  • Card meanings and spreads printables, explaining more about how to use the cards
  • Tarot journal sheets: use these to write your spreads on, and keep a written record of your readings for the future!
  • Colourful printed “deck cloths” – ok, so they are just paper, not real cloths, but these patterned sheets are super cute replicas you can lay your readings on.
  • Artist’s FAQ giving a little info about the deck and creation process
  • Full assembly and printing instructions to help you create the best mini deck ever!

9. Use the cards in your home in different ways

A slightly unconventional idea: use the cards around your home in different ways. You could put your favourites in little picture frames, or make a tarot-themed collage for your wall! Or use them in feng shui – picking the card that will represent the energy you want to channel best, and placing it in the appropriate “bagua” area of your home (have a google if you’re not sure what it means!). Put the High Priestess card under your pillow and see what dreams she brings! Or keep a copy of the Sun on your desk to fill your working day with radiance, and inspire your creativity :)

10. Support an artist and stay up to date

By subscribing to my email list, and downloading the deck, you’ll also be supporting my work as a designer and illustrator! It is a full-on gig running your own show and I need all the support I can get to spread the message – I’d love to have you on board. You’ll also be kept up to date on future projects, as well as the launch of my main real deck, the Cosmic Sunbeam tarot – currently predicted for launch in 2023! And I have other printable oracle decks and other goodies on the way very soon. I may also launch additional cards for this Share the Magic deck – subscribers will be the first to hear if I do. So you will need to stay tuned! Thanks for reading :)

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