Share the Magic – a free printable mini tarot card deck!

I am SO excited to announce the release of my FREE mini tarot cards – the printable “Share the Magic” cute 22+1 card deck – plus LOADS of cute printable extras!

(NB: I want to apologise to people on my email list who have been patiently waiting a long time for this. It’s finally here – better late than never!). 

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And here’s a quick Q&A I put together to give a bit more info about the deck:

About the free printable Share the Magic tarot deck

This cute printable 23 card mini tarot deck is just 2 x 3 inches, and consists of all of the major arcana cards plus a cover card. I’ve called it the “Share the Magic Tarot” – as it is completely free to anyone subscribing to the newsletter! I’ve also included some little extras – I hope you like it!  

Why free?

Tarot decks can be expensive, and I wanted to help anyone own one free or minimal cost. If you own a printer, the only expense is your printer ink and paper. I’m also using it as a mini rehearsal to help me develop my main 78 card deck, the Cosmic Sunbeam deck, a super cute tarot which will eventually be released via Kickstarter.

Why only the major arcana?

It’s in keeping with the “mini” theme, and because I wanted to produce something ASAP. The major arcana as is a complete system within itself and allows swift insight without learning 78 cards! Plus the small format can fit in your pocket for readings wherever you are – bonus!

I don’t have a printer – what can I do?

Fear not – I have made available a pre-printed set of all the sheets that can be posted anywhere in the world! I’m afraid I can’t give this away free (unlike the download version) as there are production and postage costs involved but I have tried to keep the cost affordable. I’m currently offering it on a pre-order basis to help keep costs down.

Please note you will still have to cut out and assemble the cards and envelope but the printing side of things is taken care of. Happy days!

Get your printed sheets set here >>

Will you release the minor arcana?

Maybe. Life is very busy but subscribers will be the first to hear if I do. Stay tuned!

do you sell any other mini printable tarot decks?

At the time of writing, I have lots of other mini printable deck ideas planned, so watch this space! I am considering mini printable oracle decks, tarot decks of other styles and tarot deck accessories, like tarot readings journal printables and more….. Subscribing to my newsletter will keep you posted about other decks coming out.

Tell me more about the tarot card designs

Due to the small format, I’ve used a minimalist style – I’ve tried to distill cards to their basic essences and I’ve shortened some card names to fit. I wanted to make them colourful and fun to use! My personal favourites are the Fool, the Star & Death. 

What else is included?

I’ve also included an interpretation & spreads sheet to print, plus a selection of free printable “deck cloths” in different colours, and super cute mini foldable envelope, to keep your deck protected – in two sizes and two colour choices! I really wanted to make a pack that felt like a real tarot deck as far as possible, hence the cute envelope and so on – other free decks I could find didn’t include these things, so I thought it would be a nice bonus.

I’ve also thought hard about how to make the deck printing and home assembly easy for you – and included simple tips and step by step instructions.

You can read here about the cute mini printable extras and best practice printing instructions >>

Are there usage restrictions?

The deck is completely free for personal use, for entertainment purposes only.  I am also happy for you to gift one printed copy free to a friend (in keeping with the “sharing” theme!). The electronic files, printed deck or accessories may not be copied, distributed, sold or edited, commercially or otherwise without permission. Thanks for understanding :)  

About me

I’m an artist, designer & illustrator – I undertake all sorts of client work on top of my own illustrations. I love being crafty and have lots of exciting projects on the go – from printables to tarot decks, kids’ projects and “out there” patterns. I really enjoy collaborating so contact me if you have a fun project in mind!

I live in Brighton, a fun and seaside city in England, I’m a mum to a gorgeous boy, I love to take walks, drink tea and generally potter around doing creative stuff! 


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© Lila Hunnisett, 2021. Disclaimer This deck and the related materials are provided for entertainment purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information and content provided in this set, no liability can be accepted by Lila Hunnisett Design for any loss occasioned to any person entity acting or failing to act as a result of anything contained in or omitted from the content of this mini tarot deck and related materials, or acting or failing to act as a result of readings made with the deck. No tarot reading is 100% accurate, professionals should be sought for expert advice in all medical, legal and other matters. Thank you for downloading this deck!


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