New: Super Lucky Stuff mini printable oracle cards deck launch

Hot off the press….

Introducing my latest mini tarot / oracle deck project!

The Super Lucky Stuff Mini Oracle Cards deck been designed to allow you to get crafty with divination by printing and assembling your own oracle deck at home. 

Following the recent launch of my FREE Share the Magic printable mini tarot deck I decided to get my skates on to finish my next super exciting printable project. 

This mini deck is again just 2 x 3 inches, will fit in your pocket, is instantly printable at home and includes lots of cute accessories! There are 44 oracle cards plus one cover card, with only the luckiest uplifting illustrations!

Only positive cards

The cards were designed to be only truly positive in meaning, to lift the user’s spirits – I intentionally left out depressing and darker themes. So no matter what you pull, it will have a positive spin – think of it as a ‘pick me up’ for happiness and luck, even when you’re feeling down. 

The Super Lucky oracle cards

Below are a few of the cards! You can see all the cards on the product page here >>

the printable accessories

I thought long and hard about some printable added extras to include, to make it just like a regular deck you would buy off the shelf. Here’s what’s included:

  • 45* cute mini oracle cards sheets with back design (each card once cut out is 2 x 3″ to fit in your pocket)
  • “Deck cloths” in three colours (printable patterned sheets to lay readings on)
  • “Deckvelope” – a cute branded box to self assemble – just like a real deck! 
  • Card meanings – detailed reference sheet for every card
  • Spread ideas – different card spreads and ideas
  • Card readings journal – to keep a written readings record
  • Deck FAQ sheet plus info about the artist and deck 
  • Detailed instructions to help you get the best result when printing at home!
Photos of all the cards and the accessories are included at the link below. Hope you love it! 

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