A new project: cute zodiac repeating patterns

A colourful, fun zodiac pattern series 

I’ve always loved the mysterious symbolism of the beautiful Zodiac. From horoscopes in the back of the newspaper, to beautiful esoteric illustrations of the twelve signs in antique books, there’s something beguiling about astrology, the heavens and the twelve zodiacal signs. Something that invokes a sense of wonder and sparks my imagination. The astrological archetypes have become a much loved muse the last couple of years and the creative source of many enjoyable artistic projects. 

A zodiac range for the new year

I decided to create a series of twelve cute zodiac themed repeating patterns for my latest project and here are the results! One for each sign. I drew the original illustrations in Procreate on iPad, then transported into Adobe Illustrator for conversion to a repeating pattern and added colour options. The result is (I think) a fun, unique set of patterns that could have a whole range of potential applications. I am still deciding on what to do with them but have lots of fun ideas in mind.  

Colour schemes and symbolism 

I’ve tried to use the symbols associated with each sign within the designs; this ranges from animals (e.g. fish for Pisces, bull for Taurus), to the zodiacal glyphs for each sign, people (such as Gemini twins, Virgo maiden) and planetary ruler symbols… all intertwined with some cute stars and hearts for good measure and any other sign-related symbols that worked within. I aimed to make the drawings lighthearted and fun, lending an uplifting feel to the final patterns. 

The uplifting theme is also carried through into the bold, bright colour schemes. Final palettes are still being decided, but I’ve generally tried to go with tones linked to the meaning of each sign, its planetary ruler, or related element (air, fire, water, earth). However, I reserve the right to use some artistic license here! Instagram followers have been kindly providing feedback on their favourite colour schemes, and all votes are being duly noted for future reference.  

What next? 

I’m thinking of launching a Kickstarter and / or a range of goodies available from my shop – maybe including washi tape, wrapping paper, journals, stickers… the possibilities are endless. Please watch this space for more news – and if you’d like to be kept up to date with a Kickstarter product launch (exact products TBC soon) please register for my email list here>>


Oh and hope you like looking at the pictures, copied into the gallery below!  

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