I’m a freelance designer and illustrator and am lucky to live in sunny Brighton, UK. 

Born and raised in Hertfordshire to a creative family, I studied Fine Art at uni but have worked in design for over 12 years, primarily in graphic design and illustration. Over the years I have been chipping away at pursuing my dream career of creating and selling my own illustrations. Owing to being busy with client design work, I haven’t always had the luxury of time and freedom to do this, especially as a single parent to a young child (which has not always been an easy ride!). Luckily he is now eight years old – and a little less hands on, so I am finally finding a little more time to pursue my creative dreams – and I am loving it! 

As such I been focussing on creating own personal illustrations (presently zodiac and tarot based) that I am thrilled to be beginning to sell – you will find some more examples on my shop page. Design or illustration – I take all my work seriously and my mission is to exceed your creative expectations, ensuring your business gets masses of the right kind of attention…

So if you’re interested in working together, here’s a bit more about what I get up to…


I am an experienced illustrator working in a variety of techniques from hand drawn to digital, to printmaking and more. I work for both client commissions as well as undertake personal pieces which I sell as originals and prints on my shop page. I just love beautiful colour, pattern and nature in particular, and my work has been featured on greetings cards, packaging design, wine related materials, in social media campaigns, infographics, websites and more. I just love to make things beautiful! In particular I have been pursuing my love of mythology and archetypes through the zodiac designs and tarot designs I have been creating. Find out more on my illustration page >>

…graphic design

I’ve been working as a professional graphic designer for over 12 years and love to craft high quality designs to ensure my clients get noticed for the right reasons. I particularly love working with luxury brands and products. From packaging design to logo & branding design, marketing materials, website layouts, stationery, book design, magazines, social media graphics, events materials, presentations and much more…. I especially work closely with the UK and international wine industries, as well as international businesses, the charity and voluntary sector, and creative industries.  

I work to ensure my clients are completely happy, and offer a personal approach combined with attention to detail and technical know-how. This ensures great end-results and maximises marketing potential. Read more >>

…web design

Owing to my design and illustration workload I don’t often build full websites for clients any more, however I  sometimes work with serious brands to generate a sophisticated site layout, look and feel, and can create additional graphics such as icons, illustrations, logos and promotional banners, that can be worked into your site or passed over and to your chosen web developer to help create the perfect site. Please contact me for details if you want to discuss this service.

…and everything else

My amazing little boy keeps me busy, and I love many things – from cooking, printmaking and interior design to feng shui, tarot and even studying a little ancient Hellenistic astrology! (It’s taken me a little courage to admit to these passions on here, so please be gentle, I know they are not everybody’s cup of tea!). 

…please get in touch for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements.

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