The Cosmic Sunbeam Tarot deck

I’ve been hard at work creating The Cosmic Sunbeam Tarot, a 78 card super sparkly and joy-filled deck that is positively uplifting! I’ll launch it on Kickstarter in 2024. 

Feb 2024 NEWSFLASH: The Prelaunch Page is now up at Kickstarter!  Feel free to visit and register for launch notifications >>

Check out the cards that have been produced so far below… and don’t miss out – enter your email below and you’ll be first to hear when it gets released! (You’ll will also get a super cute free mini printable tarot deck when you sign up!).


Prints, greetings cards & postcards of some of the designs are available at the links below.
All purchases help me find the time to create the deck whilst supporting my small two-person family. Thank you for looking! :)