Share the magic mini tarot printable

FREE Printable mini tarot deck Download

Hello – and thanks for coming! The exciting news is that the FREE “Share the Magic” mini major arcana deck has now been released!
This cute themed deck is a colourful 23 card miniature major arcana deck plus accessories (see below for details). 

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Printable freebies included:

  • FREE printable mini tarot deck (2 x 3”) featuring 22 major arcana cards (plus one cover card) – including a card back design 
  • Selection of printable “deckvelopes” to cut out, assemble, and give your deck its own cute branded box! 
  • Printable “deck cloths” in different colours (okay – just paper, but I thought it was a nice freebie idea!)
  • Deck FAQs – and notes on how to get the best printing result
  • Card meanings printable
  • Different spread ideas printable 
  • Readings journal printables – to record all your mini readings!
See below for pix of some of the items!

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