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I’ve had a fun new idea, and I hope you will like it! Need a tarot reading with a beautiful twist? Send me a question. I will pull a tarot card and then hand draw my interpretation of it on white card – using pen and ink, or maybe paint or collage. This hand drawn postcard will then be posted to you, signed on the back….

This is an artistic piece for interpretation by the purchaser (no written interpretation is included). 

The design will be completely unique and original. There is no guarantee of which card you will get – I use a standard 78 card tarot deck, so you will get a major or minor arcana card. In due course, I will post older examples on my blog so you can see what others have received. There is no fixed style for designs – I will create and stylise according to my mood on the day!  

Please note – I offer this service at a low cost because I love both to draw and the tarot, and would love to have more time for these activities. Designs may not be commercially reproduced by the purchaser, and I will retain ultimate copyright rights – I will keep a scan and may reuse your design in future decks or as prints, either in original style or formatted and edited. I will endeavour to let purchasers know if I produce a deck that contains their design! This helps to keep the cost down. 

Designs will take up to 10 working days to be created (or longer depending on how busy I am – I will advise by email) following purchase, and will be subsequently shipped using standard Royal Mail second class post. They may take several days to arrive in the UK, in line with second class postage delivery dates, and longer for the rest of the world or Europe – up to two weeks or maybe more depending on postal services. 

I accept no liability for any interpretation or events that happen or do not happen following the dispatch of design. This service is offered for entertainment purposes only. I cannot guarantee that you will receive a traditionally interpreted as “good” card, as I use all the cards for my designs.

As this is a bespoke service, designs may not be returned, but I will do my best to ensure you are happy with your design! 

When ordering, please insert your question in the “

Multiple card readings of up to three designs may also be provided in one go – please add up to 3 cards into the box at the checkout. Postage is only paid once for multiple cards ordered in one go 🙂  

Please review the required legal information regarding these readings here before purchasing: https://lilahunnisett.com/tarot-readings-legal-info/

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Dimensions 10.5 × 14.8 cm