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The Cosmic Sunbeam Tarot Deck

Hi everyone; I have finally decided on a name for my new deck – The Cosmic Sunbeam tarot deck! I wanted to give it a title that was ultimately uplifting and inspiring – like the

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Scorpio scorpion Zodiac Picture Print

A Zodiac Scorpio Cute Scorpion print

Hello! Here’s my take on Scorpio, now available as a fine art print! Ruled by Mars, Scorpio’s symbol is (unsurprisingly!) the scorpion. It is a fixed water sign, falling in Autumn when the seasons are

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A cute Taurus Zodiac Sign bull picture illustration

A Taurus Zodiac bull illustration

This design is for all the lovely Taureans out there! Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a fixed earth sign, falling in the middle of spring (in the northern hemisphere at least!). Its symbol is the

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